Property Sales & Development

The St. Kitts & Nevis Mortgage & Investment Company Ltd's real estate portfolio consists of properties which have been repossessed and held for sale by its parent company, the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Ltd. In some instances the properties will be sold without improvements once they meet the company's standard of quality. In others cases, the company will make the necessary renovations to ensure customer satisfaction. MICO will also complete unfinished projects before making them available for sale.

MICO also purchases land from its parent company which has been repossessed and held for sale. Some of this land, along with land bought in the primary market, is developed to provide high quality, competitively priced residential accommodation. MICO’s development projects provides an excellent opportunity for investment. The company's development projects will offer investment opportunities through the issuance of Mortgage Certificates and Bonds.

Property & Construction Management 

MICO offers a service as Construction Manager for Bank customers, primarily those living abroad.  The company keeps a watchful eye to ensure that the project is built to specification and contract. On completion of these projects, MICO provides a management service to these clients and others seeking to have their properties maintained and administered in their absence.

At MICO we will also facilitate, oversee and manage the construction of your home in your absence while ensuring that everything is done within budget, on schedule and to the required specifications. We will also ensure the reliability and reputability of both the architect and the contractor involved in the project. The company will take all the necessary steps to ensure that our customers can stay overseas and have their homes built in St. Kitts with the full confidence that it will be done professionally and to specification.

Property Rental

Customers who purchase property from MICO have the opportunity to place this property in a rental pool that is administered by the company. This will allow customers to have a steady income, along with dependable, timely and professional management of their properties. This also has the added advantage of providing excellent utilization of good financial reporting and asset security.




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