We are pleased to welcome you to our Website! The St. Kitts & Nevis Mortgage & Investment Company Ltd (MICO Ltd) is the newest member of the National Bank Group of Companies. At MICO we trade in both the primary and secondary real estate markets and provide high quality services to all our customers.


The company sells and manages real estate in a manner that is consistent with its slogan, “Grow with MICO,” thus ensuring customer satisfaction. Our main focus is the purchasing and development of properties held by the bank as security for non-productive loans. All real estate properties will be remodeled to meet the company's standards and to increase long-term assets and income generation.

The St. Kitts & Nevis Mortgage & Investment Company Ltd. also provides a friendly climate for all types of investors ranging from the novice to the experienced. The company strives to maintain its position as a good corporate citizen that adds value to the community where it does business, thus improving the quality of life for its customers and providing benefits for all stakeholders.


To be a leader for investments, real estate and property development benefiting from the synergistic relationships with our parent company and also through alliances, innovation and the delivery of quality products and services.



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